Trilha Sonora You Got Served: Beat the World

You Got Served: Beat the World
(You Got Served: Beat the World - 2011)

01. Hip Hop Nation - KRS-One feat. K'naan & Lina
02. Express Yourself - Nneka feat. Ziggy Marley & Eeday
03. Infinite Love - Sway feat. Talib Kweli and Lowd
04. KRS-One Shoutout
05. Any Girl - Bajah & The Dry Eye Crew
06. Must Be The Music - Les Nubians feat. MV Bill and Lina
07. It Don't Stop (On The Dancefloor) - Yuu Abe feat. Swanee Mac and Lowd 3
08. Keep Shining - Shad

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