Trilha Sonora Xeque-Mate

(Lucky Number Slevin - 2006) Joshua Ralph

01. Flute Opening
02. It All Starts with a Horse
03. Horse Falls
04. Epic Goodkat
05. I Know This Man
06. Bad Things in Threes
07. A Photo of Smith
08. Slevin Arrives
09. Meet the Rabbi
10. Chess Match
11. Restaurant Date
12. "Shanty by the Sea"
13. After Laughter (Comes Tears) Performed By Wendy Rene
14. Killing the Fairy
15. Coshing the Rabbi
16. In Dreams, Perhaps Performed By O Yuki Conjugate
17. Wrapup, Pt. 3
18. Fub
19. "Kansas City Shuffle"
20. Wild Harp

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Carlos A Alberto disse...
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Carlos A Alberto disse...

olá, custei para achar esse site, com a musica que toca no meio do filme xeque mate...acredito que seja uma musica antiga ja existente....acabei achando a do final ...tenho uma duvida grande , gostaria de ouvir a musica que toca no meio d filme ....como faço para achar...

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